I’m David Teodorescu.
Senior Product Designer at Fitbit.


I have a few interesting case studies

They present some of my latest work and highlight the mix of product thinking, interaction design and visual design skills involved. There are a few other private projects I would be glad to talk about.

➝ Food ordering mobile app redesign

➝ Mobile game on OpenStreetMap

➝ Website builder for large franchises


I got featured in some cool places

I got featured in different publications, award and digital media platforms like TNW, TechCrunch, Inc. Magazine, UX Collective, Webdesigner Depot, inVision, Adobe, UXPin, Muzli, Awwwards, AIGA and various UX and design blogs. I was also a speaker at a few design events and taught an introductory course on user experience and design at SNSPA University.


I like to keep things organised

My ideal work process is split into 5 main steps. I adapt my approach based on project characteristics (features, audience, platforms etc.), time available for design (days, weeks, months) and development method (Waterfall, Lean, Kanban etc.).

1. Define the problem

2. Conduct the research

3. Build the architecture

4. Design the product

5. Validate the design


I write about ways to improve design

I write articles and guest posts about the things I’m most passionate about: experience design, product design, psychology and cartography. I usually choose subjects that dig into the connection between two or more of them.

➝ Gamification: A guide for designers to a misunderstood concept

➝ Scarcity in UX: The Psychological Bias that Became the Norm

➝ How to Create a UX Terms and Statements Inventory

➝ A UX Designer’s Guide to Improving Speed of Use

➝ Design Perfect UX Tasks: The Endowed Progress Effect

➝ Using the Priming Effect to Improve UX


I share good stuff on social media

I tweet the best UX and product design articles I read and write about psychology, cartography and design on Medium. You can see my resume and people I worked for on LinkedIn, my hobbies on Facebook and things I’m inspired by on Instagram.












To get in touch, email me at
david.teodorescu @ gmail.com
or call me at +40.720.003.043

Some say I have quite a story to tell :)