Help businesses identify their most loyal online users

It is time-consuming and expensive for an online business to identify their exact target audience on the Internet. Quantitative research through website analytics helps uncover general information, like demographics, but building a user profile this way lacks the deep understanding of the target market.

Therefore, identifying the actual users that visit and interact with websites across the Internet, will help businesses communicate with the right audience.

The challenge

Help businesses identify their online visitors and generate a personalized customer ranking for each business.


The solution came in the form of a gamification system that ranked both Internet users and websites and acted as a counter of online visits that rewarded users for browsing the Internet.

Using a bookmarklet, users could record any website visit they make and use them to get unique titles and real rewards from our partner websites. They were also able to see their personal online stats, share their visits and follow visits of friends or famous users.

This way, all users contributed to the core of the platform represented by a feed of recommended websites, a key element for making them return to the platform.

My goal was to make a distinction between Internet users by letting them control and interact with their online activity. By doing so, the system automatically generated a personalized ranking of visitors for any website on the Internet and humanized anonymous unique visitors, transforming them into real people, performing real tasks.

The main benefit was that it allowed website owners to identify their loyal clients and preset their target audience. We called this new concept “reverse nanotargeting” since it’s the individual customers that find you, instead of you looking for them.

As a cool usability bonus, the system made possible sharing a webpage with a single click, using available metadata.

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