Reward quality advertising campaigns with better results

Working for a few years in the advertising industry helped me gain a few insights into the process of creating ad campaigns. One of the most common issues when dealing with a new campaign was maintaining a balance between creativity and efficiency, subtlety and directness.

It was always a long negotiation involving creatives and marketing people. In order to tip the scale, it became clear that investing in creativity is a risk that should be rewarded.

The challenge

Improve the exposure of creative advertisements and thus encourage advertising agencies and marketing professionals to focus more on creativity by rewarding them with better campaign results.


I designed a social platform dedicated to the advertising community, in which creatives could upvote advertisements they considered would be worth spreading and give each other feedback on newly launched advertising campaigns.

Once an advertisement was upvoted, it would be placed higher on the platform and increase its reach organically through social media channels without paying a cent. And since the entire platform was dedicated to the industry, advertisers could launch their advertisements as native content using our paid business accounts, without being limited to strict ad dimensions or media type.

In the end, advertisements run through our platform were filtered by the advertising community and quality was rewarded with a higher or possibly viral exposure.

Gathering creatives in one place and building an advertising community is a challenge in its own, so when designing the platform, I took into consideration leveraging the most valuable things we could offer them: their personal inspiration and professional development.

The point of difference for our platform consisted in having the biggest advertising archive on the Internet and offering access to all of it for free. The archive gathered approximately 150K video, print, online, ambient, outdoor, direct marketing and radio ads from previously published advertising campaigns.

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If you want to find out more about my work, I have a few case studies in my portfolio describing some of my recent projects.

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