Hi, I’m David.

Product Designer with extensive experience in
designing full digital products and services.
In love with cartography and psychology.

I work at iMedicare, a New York based company,
helping simplify complex healthcare systems.


I have a few interesting case studies

If you want to find out more about my work, I have a few case studies in my portfolio describing some of my recent projects. Have a look and let me know your thoughts. I would be glad to go into more details if there is something you want to know more about.

Go to portfolio


I got featured in some cool places

I got featured in different publications, award and media platforms like TechCrunch, Adobe, UXPin, Awwwards, AIGA and various UX and design blogs. I was also a speaker at a few tech and design conferences.


I like to keep things organised

My ideal work process is split into 5 main steps. I adapt my approach based on project characteristics (features, audience, platforms etc.), time available for design (days, weeks, months) and development method (Waterfall, Lean, Kanban etc.).

1. Define the problem to solve

2. Conduct the research

3. Build the architecture

4. Design the product

5. Validate the design


I enjoy solving design challenges

Over the years, I had to build various types of products like consumer mobile apps, e-commerce platforms or complex CMSs, each with its unique design problem. Yet, some design challenges stood out and generated some innovative solutions that matched their difficulty.


I write about psychology and UX

I write articles and guest posts about psychology theories applied to user experience to explain and predict user behavior. It’s a fascinating subject and, hopefully, a more popular design discipline in the future.


I share good stuff on social media

I share on Twitter the best UX and design articles I read daily and write about psychology theories applied to user experience on Medium. You can see my resume on LinkedIn and my hobbies and personal interests on Facebook.










If you’d like to get in touch...

Use one of the social media platforms above, email me at david.teodorescu@gmail.com or call me on +40.720.003.043.